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Il Carmine

The Diamond Approach Work

The Diamond Approach is a contemporary spiritual path that has arisen in response to the needs of today's humanity. It utilizes modern as well as ancient methods and makes self-realization accessible to more people who are interested in rediscovering and integrating into their daily lives the true self, the essential nature that is innately who we are. This spiritual development path differs from most other paths in that it recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and adapts itself to each person's unique needs at the time. It does not require that people adapt to some ideal, but takes people as they are and helps them to take the natural next step for their unique development. We use a specific methodology which incorporates evoking lectures, meditation, experiential exercises and self-inquiry, all aimed at achieving the goal of recognizing that we are a whole and real human being living a liberated life.

The School and the Books

The Ridhwan School has been in existence since 1977 and has become well known through the books of A.H. Almaas. Recommended reading; Unfolding Now or Diamond Heart Series; Book One, Two or Three. For more information: www.ahalmaas.com

Status of the Italy Diamond Approach group

At this time, the Italy group is closed to new membership. To receive information about an open group near you, please go to: www.ridhwan.org.

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